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We have made this as easy as possible for you. For an instant quote, simply add the following details to start saving money on your car insurance.

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    The car’s registration number if you know it. If not, the make and model is fine. We’ll also need the car’s age and any modifications you’ve made

  • How you plan to use the car

    Social, commuting or business, and how many miles you’ll do in a year. You’ll also need to say where you’ll keep the car at night for security

  • Some brief details about you

    Including your job, age and your address – the same for any additional drivers you may have. We’ll also need to know what type of licence you have, how long you’ve had it, your claims and driving history

  • Your driving history discount

    Details of your no-claims discount will help lower the prices you get. Use our no-claims discount tool to find out how many years’ no-claims discount your insurer will honour

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We find ourselves in a unique position at cheap car insurance HQ. Not only are we dedicated and passionate about saving YOU money, but we are also:

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What is car insurance and why do I need it?

Car insurance could cover your costs if your car is damaged in an accident, stolen, vandalised or catches fire. You’re legally required to have insurance if you own or drive a car, unless you officially declare your car off the road with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). You can be fined a minimum of £300 and given six penalty points if you’re caught driving without car insurance. And if you end up in court, you face an unlimited fine and could be disqualified from driving.

The type of car insurance you need depends on the level of cover you want.

Fully comprehensive

Comprehensive policies offer the best car insurance protection, and can be the cheapest level of cover for many drivers. It’s worth comparing to see if it’s the right car insurance option for you.

Average price: £571/year[2]

Learn more about fully comprehensive car insurance

Third party, fire and theft

Could pay out if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. While it protects you against the cost of damage or injury to third parties, it won’t cover you for the cost of damage to your own car in an accident.

Average price: £879/year[3]

Learn more about third party, fire and theft car insurance

Third party only

Third party cover is the minimum level of cover needed to legally drive on UK roads. It covers you for injury or damage caused to other people and their property. There’s no cover for you or your car.

Average price: £1,310/year[4]

Learn more about third party car insurance

51% of our customers were quoted less than [2]£570.09 for their fully comprehensive car insurance, [3]£878.25 for their third party fire and theft car insurance, [4]£1,309.50 for their third party car insurance.

Prices correct as of September, 2022.

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